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All in your mind

Are you old or young?

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In reality, almost none of us are free of preconceived notions: a spring chicken here, the old duck there. Psychologists call them age stereotypes. Many common opinions about age have long been scientifically refuted. Rightly so!

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Your Age

Are you young or old? It’s not so easy to answer, is it? Are you old because you have grey hair? Or young because you lack experience? Age is a matter of opinion. And different for everybody. If you take a closer look at your age, you will see how relative and changeable age is.

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Your Potential

What are you particularly good at? What did you used to be better at? Fortunately, our potential doesn’t necessarily sink as we age. There are more than enough examples to show this – and good tips on top.

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Your Team

The mixture makes the difference – if some conditions are met. Mixed-age teams often make sense, but the selection of team roles also has a decisive influence on solving a problem. Now it’s time to mix! And what is your team role?

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Your Future

An increase in life expectancy, a longer working life and life-long learning. And digitisation, the new megatrend. Change gives us the opportunity to redesign the future of work. There are more than enough ideas for achieving this. And some of them can be found at Mercedes-Benz!

„Employees and managers should not allow negative age stereotypes to influence their behaviour.“

Juliane Koch, Communication, Strategy,on the paradigm shift at Mercedes-Benz

„Every employee can obtain additional qualifications, at any stage in their careers.“

Andrea Kade, Stamping Shop,on lifelong learning at Mercedes-Benz

„People and robots – each have their own special abilities. Together we’re unbeatable.“

Lightweight robot, All-rounder,on cooperation between people and robots

„Reviewing and implementing ergonomic standards in development, planning, and production – that’s something that is good for every age.“

Kim Scheller, Industrial Engineering,Speechbubble Testim.: Thema 04

„Both sides – former employees and departments – can benefit from the expertise of the others.“

Emil Kniel, Senior Expert,on senior experts at Mercedes-Benz

„The resource management method helps us to simulate how the workforce will develop in the next ten years.“

Aytekin Bal, Labor Relations,on human resource management at Mercedes-Benz

„Digital methods allow everyone to learn at their own pace. That is relevant for both the young and the old.“

Raphael Ulmer, Mechatronics Trainee,on digital learning at Mercedes-Benz

„Personnel, health, career, knowledge transfer – we take a close look at all of these elements and agree on the appropriate measures.“

Horst Pisarek, Tool Design and Construction,on the demographics mirror at Mercedes-Benz