50,000th Visitor at EY ALTER

Excitement in the foyer of the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart: Christian Strobel, 33 years young, is designated the 50,000th visitor of the special exhibition “EY ALTER – Get to know yourself.” Heino Niederhausen, head of HR at Mercedes-Benz and Monja Büdke, managing director of the museum, are also delighted.

14. March 2017

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Stuttgart, 21 February 2017 at 3:30 pm. Christian Strobel is just picking up the EY ALTER certificate with his personal assessment when he is surprised by the exciting news:  he is the 50,000th visitor – a number that also reflects the success of the EY ALTER exhibition. His prizes alongside a fascinating exhibition visit: a photo book by the famous Argentinian photographer Irina Werning with the title “Back to the Future”, a 50 euro coupon for the Mercedes-Benz shop and the EY ALTER exhibition magazine.

But winning isn’t quite that easy for the 33-year-old from Herrenberg. First he has to answer a series of questions from the exhibition team. What impression did the museum leave on you, Mr Strobel?

Mr Strobel, congratulations on being the 50,000th visitor! Do you feel young or old right now?

Christian Strobel (CS): According to the test on subjective age, I am older than my chronological age. But oddly enough my biological age is younger. So I guess I’m fitter than I thought (laughs).

Aside from recognising that age is relative, what did you like most about the exhibition?

CS: I particularly like the range of things you can do and experience here. So many different aspects are addressed. For example, how thinking works. The potential section with all the tests is a lot of fun. It’s about general knowledge, reaction times, action, selective hearing during two parallel discussions… But it’s also about discovering your own age or recognising the various ways people see age. That’s fascinating.

What would you say:  is the exhibition more informative or playful?

CS: Mostly playful, but you also get lots of information while playing. In my opinion that combination works really well.

Did you come here with your colleagues?

CS: Yes, it was a conscious decision for us to come to the exhibition as a team. For those of us working in automobile construction at Mercedes-Benz, collaboration between the young and the experienced plays a big role. There was a lot to experience on that topic here.

Will you recommend exhibition to others?

CS: Definitely. The exhibition is essentially a must for my colleagues. But I think EY ALTER is also very interesting for families. They can see which strengths various generations bring to the family.

Thank you for sharing your impressions with us and enjoy your prizes!

CS: And thank you.