Every age has potential. Which is why Mercedes-Benz focuses on individuals and not their age! A variety of generations also means a variety of experiences, perspectives, and new inspiration.

The YES demographics initiative promotes the idea that a variety of generations makes us stronger – at home, in society, and in the workplace. The task is to recognise potential and actively promote discussion, networking, and mutual support between generations.

YES stands for “Young and Experienced together Successful”.

The companywide YES demographics initiative at Mercedes-Benz is a comprehensive approach that aims to initiate a paradigm shift on the topic of age and ageing and consists of strategic, structural, and communicative measures. YES is also a mindset that views demographic change as an opportunity. A historical opportunity to tread new paths – and, at least in part, to redesign the way we work.


The EY ALTER exhibition and this website were developed by the Mercedes-Benz YES demographics initiative. Both communication platforms were designed to take a stance and encourage a new way of thinking. Active experiences and information are the main factors for introducing new ideas and inspiration on age, everyday life, and the world of work.

Another important component of the YES initiative is the demographics mirror.

At Mercedes-Benz, various representatives from the field of demographics, HR, the works council, the production planning department, and the demographic index team are working together to develop a variety of measures (2).


(1) EY ALTER Magazine, Chance Alter [Opportunities of age], an interview with Heino Niederhausen, head of HR at the Mercedes-Benz plant in Bremen and Prof. Dr Sven Voelpel, Jacobs University, published by Mercedes-Benz

(2) YES folder – The Demographics initiative, demographic index, What’s behind it all?, published by Mercedes-Benz

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