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A paradigm shift describes changes in our way of thinking, i.e. a change of opinion or a cultural transformation. With regards to age, the term refers to a new perspective: moving away from a deficit mindset of age that focuses on and generalises degeneration and instead emphasising individual potential and skills.

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Age research has already accomplished this paradigm shift: for some time now, many common age stereotypes have been scientifically refuted. Instead, research has shown that people are capable of development well into old age and revealed that the ageing process is both very individual and easily influenced. Furthermore, age related degeneration is occurring at an increasingly late age.

Our own attitude towards age can also have a positive or negative impact on our development. A change in perspective can therefore lead to a more positive ageing process. More and more companies have been tackling the task of promoting a paradigm shift and thus a cultural transformation in the way we treat ageing employees. The goal is to sensitise employees and managers to negative age stereotypes and prevent behaviour based on prejudice.

“The problem isn’t age itself, but rather our attitude towards it.” — Cicero

Paradigm shift at EY ALTER

EY ALTER is the ideal platform for increasing awareness for this topic. The exhibition can thus be a starting point for management seminars that examine the topic of demographics, age, and a paradigm shift – a change of mindset.
Mercedes-Benz’s main goal is to encourage a culture of management that has a positive attitude towards age. The formula is: “Young and experienced = successful together!” In other words: Young and Experienced together Successful or: YES!

A brief overview of the advantages

  • Successful teamwork thanks to a mutual appreciation of the young and the experienced
  • Recognising, promoting, and taking advantage of the strengths of each age


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