The EY ALTER Experience now in Stuttgart

Only four weeks of construction before the grand opening on 21 October 2016. The Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart is an exciting place. And so is the current exhibition on age and demographics. The exhibition was initially on display for one year at the Universum Bremen science centre, where it enjoyed great success. At first the task was simply to move, but it didn’t stop there – to the delight of exhibition visitors.

2. November 2016

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“Stuttgart was two things at once”, says EY ALTER Project Manager Sylvia Hütte-Ritterbusch from Human Resource Management at Mercedes-Benz in Bremen, “A huge stroke of luck and an enormous challenge for everyone concerned.” Everyone concerned –that refers first of all to the core team of six people plus project manager who are particularly responsible for the content of the exhibition. But it also includes the exhibition designers and scenographers from GfG/Gruppe für Gestaltung, a communications and design agency from Bremen, the exhibition builders from Archimedes in Berlin, film-makers, programmers, robot specialists, and many more. And last but not least, the museum officials at the Mercedes-Benz Museum. Several exciting days that were at times trying for everyone were required to set up the exhibition.

Normal exhibition business?

“Not quite”, says Carsten Dempewolf from GfG and mentions several challenges and peculiarities. The first:

“The exhibition room in Bremen was a virtually square, enclosed room. We had to move to a wide open room at the museum in Stuttgart – that required a great deal of work to adapt the exhibition.”

One example: new ceiling heights demanded a new presence: the central exhibit, consisting of two halves of a head, therefore “grew” by an additional 50 percent in height and can now be seen from all levels of the museum. No small feat from a structural point of view. The second challenge: during the whole process, and due to the characteristics of the new room, the content of the exhibition and the attractions for visitors were completely redesigned. For the first time, the exhibition in Stuttgart allows visitors to experience how age stereotypes are caricatured in films.

Choreographies of film and robotics

In the Café Zukunft (Future Café), visitors will see complex choreographies of film and robotics. Together with a lightweight robot, Mercedes-Benz employees present recipes for work in the future.

What else is there? A whole lot of interactive exhibits to test your own potential, stations where visitors of all ages can try putting together their ideal team, and stations that illustrate that: age is something very individual. And there is even a reward for gaining all of this age experience: visitors are given a certificate upon leaving this lively exhibition and this lively building: EY ALTER, you have what it takes!