Front runners for human resource management prize

YES!! We are one of the “HR makers for 2017”. Our YES – Young and Experienced Together Successful demographics initiative is one of the most innovative and trend-setting approaches to human resource management.

26. October 2017

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This year, the German human resource management prize “Deutscher Personalwirtschaftspreis” was awarded for the 25th time – and both the online community and the jury were thrilled with us! In the category “Corporate health management”: the 1st place goes to YES!

The focus is on the people

Our YES demographics initiatives addresses the challenges posed by demographic change and emphasises the most important factor: the people. Our goal: nothing less than a paradigm shift on all levels of the company. That means: showing the benefits of different generations working together and taking advantage of them. In work structures, management teams, and in the perception of all employees. Intergenerational learning, work structures that compliment the ageing process and promote good health, and an examination of stereotypes are three components that will help to make demographic and health management an integral part of a structural and cultural shift.

More than just talk

Many people are taking a close look at demographic change – it’s safe to say it has become a megatrend. But we at Mercedes-Benz Cars Operations want to do more than just discuss the issue. We want to change things. Our slogan is therefore “Discover – Experience – Recognise”. This concept is realised in our manager’s seminars and our interactive EY ALTER exhibition; our demographic index is both an evaluation tool and the driving force for change. An innovative project that has initiated the first positive discussion on ageing and one that places the focus on experience, potential, and success. It thus transforms a supposed problem into a fun challenge that helps to make our company sustainable.

In good company

As the winner of one of the prize categories, we found ourselves in an impressive class of top participating companies. Awards were also granted to Deutsche Bahn AG (recruiting), Fraport AG (talent management), Robert Bosch GmbH (leadership), and Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KG (HR organisation). All of our projects presented innovative ideas for developing new trends in HR management with unconventional perspectives and solutions for the future.

Furthermore, a Daimler project also faired well in the category “Talent Management”: the “Fast Track” initiative won the 2nd prize, making Daimler the only company to be a front runner in two categories. And there’s more.

One step ahead in online voting

Thanks to the overwhelming support of our community, YES received 50 percent of all votes in the online voting that followed – so many that Deutsche Bahn could only catch up during the live voting. The result: a tie. In the end, the jury gave the most weight to the votes made that evening. Our heartfelt congratulations go out to Deutsche Bahn for becoming the overall winner of the 2017 German human resource management prize.