EY ALTER – you can wrap it up

Now EY ALTER is sent packing. And that is not all. At the end of the EY ALTER exhibition on 30 June 2017, professional exhibition builders cause a real flurry of activity at the Mercedes-Benz Museum in order to dismantle the entire special exhibition properly within a given period of time.

Eleven committed people. The exhibition build company Archimedes’s brief is to pack up EY ALTER. And that is not all because the challenge in dispelling prejudices is: Preserve the exhibition’s basic modules for a further round, dispose of or recycle adjustments to the features of the Mercedes-Benz Museum’s rooms. And, after seven days, leave the Stuttgart Museum without trace.

“It really has to do with a larger exhibition,” says Rene Schuchardt, Construction Manager at Archimedes. His view over EY ALTER is as follows: 2 kilometres of protective corner sections and circa 1.5 kilometres of packaging such as air cushions and soft lining material. The exhibition modules end up on around 100 palettes well packed which, in turn, make up 6 lorry loads weighing 40 tons each.

Goodbye EY ALTER in Stuttgart!
Hello EY ALTER in… – we are already getting excited.