Re-experience age – interactively, collectively, intergenerationally


EY ALTER, there you are! Young or old, or what are we asking? You are getting older, every day. And not just you, so is everyone else. Germany is already one of the oldest countries in the world. And now? Collective senility or lifelong mobility? “Demographic apocalypse” or “demographic opportunity”? How do you see yourself, at your age? Time to take a new look at age. For yourself, society, the company, and schools. Because age has many faces – experience it for yourself!

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The EY ALTER programme for demographic fitness in your company!

EY ALTER offers three attractive business packages with exciting interactions, well-founded methods, and a wealth of good ideas on the topics of demographics, digitisation, and other future trends.

EY ALTER, we’re ready for you!



The EY ALTER programme for secondary school pupils!

Attention children of generation Z – are you ready for the future? Whether it comes to demographic change or digitisation, wherever the world is changing rapidly, your strengths will be in high demand.

Off to EY ALTER!



Young or old?
Decide for yourself and take this opportunity to experience what awaits you. Your playful introduction!