… views demographic change as an opportunity.
… replaces age stereotypes with talent and potential.
… develops a positive view of the future of work.
… gives inspiration for new forms of collaboration between the young and the experienced.





EY ALTER is an exhibition that was initiated and designed by Mercedes-Benz.

It is part of the “YES – Young and Experienced together Successful” demographics initiative, which aims to trigger a cultural change in the company and promote collaboration between young and experienced employees at the factory. The exhibition was realised under the scientific supervision of Jacobs University in Bremen.


EY ALTER focuses on the future of work within the context of demographic change.

What concepts and innovative ideas already exist, what ideas can be adapted from others? EY ALTER provokes discussion and takes a clear stance: instead of a deficit hypothesis of age, we need an individual perception of both younger and older employees that appreciates and recognises the special potential of each age.


EY ALTER is essential. If not now, when?

We as a company see demographic change as an opportunity and develop suitable models that help us discover appropriate forms of work for a new generational relationship. For this reason, Mercedes-Benz launched the YES initiative. The idea: to make use of the changing age distribution and new demographic structure in order to develop innovative ideas for a new concept of work. In creating EY ALTER, Mercedes-Benz has provided a marketplace of ideas.


Why Mercedes-Benz?

“A variety of generations also means a variety of experiences, perspectives, and new inspiration. At Mercedes-Benz Cars Operations, our international car production unit, our goal is therefore to actively promote the collaboration of young and experienced employees. It all depends on having the perfect mix: Young and experienced – successful together!

  • Markus-Schaefer

    Markus Schäfer

    Member of the Divisional Board of Mercedes-Benz Cars, Production and Supply Chain Management


“Demographic change doesn’t stop at our factory doors. We, too, are getting older and older. But we see this demographic development as an opportunity. Our employees’ experience is a solid foundation on which we can build for the future.”

  • Heino Niederhausen

    Head of HR at the Mercedes-Benz factory in Bremen, project manager of the YES demographics initiative

Working together to make a difference

“EY ALTER aims to change the way people think. Our exhibition is the first important step towards a new, positive discussion of age. It clarifies scientific facts, demonstrates the strengths of each generation, and encourages us to question common stereotypes.”

  • Sylvia Hütte-Ritterbusch

    Project manager of “EY ALTER”, Mercedes-Benz factory Bremen


„Ich wünsche Ihnen viele neugierige Menschen, die hier das Alter einmal neu erleben und lernen – Alter ist vielfältig und das bietet für uns alle Chancen.“

  • Michael Müller

    Mayor of Berlin


IG Metall

“Demographic change will present us with huge challenges. Problems that need to be solved include an increasing lack of skilled workers, the need for age-appropriate workplaces and fair retirement regulations, and adequate responses to ever continuing technological progress. It is important to see this as an opportunity and to recognise that the focus will continue to be on the individual – at any age.

Whether young or young at heart, today and in the future, the focus must be on the individual.”

  • Jörg Hofmann

    President of IG Metall

The Confederation of German Employers’ Associations (BDA)

“Appreciating each individual must be of utmost importance. We see recognising diversity, including age diversity, as an important contribution to providing existing talents with the best possible conditions for their development. The primary focus is on professional and personal abilities, age is not relevant – in keeping with the spirit of EY ALTER.

A growing number of older people remain in employment and enjoy working. Companies benefit from this because it means that key specialist workers stay with the company and can share their expertise and experience.”

  • Ingo Kramer

    President of the Confederation of German Employers’ Associations (BDA)